Angel Policy


We are an "Angel" company that allows stampers to use their stamped images on items, which the stamper may choose to sell. All the designs are copyrighted to Lynnda Worsnop or their respective owners. We will retain these rights even after we are no longer using the name Oak House Studio.

No permission is required to sell your items as long as the items are HANDSTAMPED and no mass mechanical reproduction is involved. Mechanical reproduction of Oak House Studio designs is strictly prohibited without specific written consent.

You may NOT reproduce the designs by any electronic means without permission from the owners.

With technology evolving all the time, please feel free to contact me about anything you are unsure about. If you wish to use an electronic cutter system for instance, please just email me, I happy to talk about each case on an individual basis.

I wish you the best of luck when selling your hand stamped cards created using Oak House Studio designs.

If you have hand stamped cards or other projects using my stamps then I would love to see them.

If you are in any doubt, about your use of my designs, please contact me for clarification.