Pure Colour Chemistry

PURE watercolour Inks from Oak House Studio

These are intense watercolour inks, they are based on the same recipes as our popular Oak House Studio Inks in a Bottle but in a more concentrated format. They come in a bottle with a flip top so you can drop ink out or unscrew the top to pour out the ink.

You can of course make your own spray inks by adding water we would suggest you try using them one part ink to ten parts water. Our pipettes hold just enough ink to add water up to the top of a 30 ml bottle.

You can paint with them, spray or splash, all your favourite ink techniques.  You can also use these inks in your favourite fountain pen, they give great colour and will not block your pen.

pure colour chemistry  pure colour chemistry 1

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pure colour chemistry 4 pure colour chemistry citrus collection

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