How to use our embossing powders

 Here is a basic outline on how to use our embossing powders

embossing powders

Essential Equipment                      

- Heat gun (found at most craft shops)
- Stamp (we recommend Oak House Studio of course!)
- Embossing ink pad, pigment ink pad or Versamark Pad
- Colour Chemistry Embossing Powder
- Tidy Tray (optional) or a piece of scrap paper
- Anti-static bag (optional)

1. First wipe the area to be stamped with an anti-static bag.  This step is optional, but is a good idea if you want to make sure no stray embossing powder granules are on the surface surrounding the image. Anti-static products reduce static on the paper, it is the static which attracts embossing powder granules. It is particularly important on shiny cards and papers.

2. Next ink your stamp with your embossing inkpad or a pigment ink of choice, and place the stamp down on your paper. In order to heat emboss, you must use an ink that dries slowly, which is why embossing ink (clear or tinted), pigment inks or Versamark inkpads are great choices. Dye inks can dry too quickly for this process. If you use different colour pigment inks remember that your image may be the colour of your embossing powder not the ink you used. Using different colour inks can enhance the colour of some embossing powders. Use clear powders to see the colour of your ink.

3. Pour your embossing powder over the image. Pour the excess powder into the Tidy Tray or scrap paper and pour back into the jar. If there are some granules in areas that you don’t want, use a small dry paintbrush to flick these away.

4. Using your heat gun, heat the image until the powder melts and turns shiny. Hold your heat gun about 5 inches (12cm) from the paper. Hold the heat gun still over the image until you notice the embossing powder melting, then sweep the heat gun over the paper until all the powder has melted. Take the time to check the image and go back and reheat any sections where it has not completely melted. Melted embossing powder is smooth and shiny, and has a raised edge. DO NOT OVER HEAT once the powder has melted STOP. Remember that if you heat too close to the cardstock, you can cause the embossing powder or the paper itself to burn.

Alternatively you can draw on your paper with a versamark pen or glue pen to add embossing powder to enhance the design.

Random embossing. Swipe your inkpad over your paper and just emboss an area on your paper.

Enhance embossed paper by swiping a versamark pad over the top of the embossed image and embossing as above.